This plaster restoration job took place in Lanarkshire, Scotland
in a building that was built in 1788.

This property in Lanarkshire, which is 234 years old, has very detailed plaster decorations throughout including ornate coving and ceiling roses. Traditional Scottish properties like this require extra attention when it comes to restoring ornamental plaster decorations.

We were hired in order to repair the decorations in the bedroom to restore them back to their original state. We managed to achieve a seamless restoration using traditional plaster restoration techniques. The new decoration blended perfectly with the original which can be seen in the 'after' pictures of the restored plaster decorations.

Older decorations are very easy to destroy and crack therefore we had to make sure to use all of the right tools in order to keep the remaining sections of the plaster decorations intact.

To begin the restoration, we first took a sample of the decoration we were looking to replicate. The sample had several layers of paint which we had to remove to get an accurate look at the sharp edges and details included in the decoration.

Using the sample we just removed the paint from, we then created a silicone mould which allowed us to make up the length of cornice to be fitted to the ceiling. Silicone moulds are our preferred method to achieve a highly detailed plaster decoration. The silicone allows us to keep the sharp edges and minute details that can be seen on every decoration.

After we created the missing length of plaster decoration using the silicone mould, we installed the missing plaster decorations within the property. All of the decorations that we have installed are fitted with screws to ensure that the decorations are secure and will not come off the ceiling in the future. The new decorations are then seamlessly blended into the old completing the restoration. The client was very happy with the results and so glad that the damaged decorations were able to be restored to their highly detailed original state.

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