Restoration work in Shawlands, Glasgow

Repairing the ceiling and cornice back to its original state

This property in Shawlands, Glasgow is approximately 200 years old and had damage caused by vibration to the cornice and ceiling decorations. This meant the bay window area had to be stabilised first to prevent further cracking before repairing the decoration using specialised restoration techniques. After plastering the damaged ceiling, we created a mould of the decoration to make a new section to fit perfectly into the damaged cornice. The new section was then fitted to the ceiling area and blended to create a seamless finish between old and new. A before and after image can be seen to show the high quality finish we achieved on this decoration.

Restoration work in Helensburgh, Scotland

Refurbishing the decorative coving to match the existing decoration.

This Helensburgh property contains decorations that are approximately 180 years old. A leaking roof had caused the plaster decorations to crack and fall apart. In this case we made two separate moulds of the two decorations that made up the cornice. We then made the new sections and fitted them into the missing areas. The cracks were repaired using plaster and the old decorations were blended into the newly made cornice to give a professional finish.

Property development in Glasgow

Every property can be fixed and improved

The property shown here is located in Tollcross, Glasgow and is approximately 210 years old. The full property needed re-plastering due to damaged walls and ceilings. We plastered the walls and ceilings first to give us a smooth base to start applying the decorations. Each decoration was carefully designed for each room to fit the space in the room and the height of the ceilings. We added ceiling roses throughout to add character to the property. With the decorations added the value of the property dramatically increases.

Restoring ornamental plaster decoration

Restoring the cornice back to its original state

This broken decoration came from a property in Glasgow and was approximately 200 years old. We first removed layer upon layer of old paint from the broken pieces carefully ensuring not to damage the pieces further. A strong adhesive was then used to join the decoration back to its original shape. The missing parts were moulded by hand using plaster and then sanded into shape once dry. This created a seamless finish which allows the decoration to be fitted or used to create a mould.


Peeling back the layers of history

Restoring the cornice back to its original state

This decoration came from a property in Edinburgh which was approximately 180 years old. The old peeling paint was carefully removed while making sure not to damage the plaster underneath. Fresh plaster was then applied and moulded by hand to restore the missing sections at the edges of the decorations. A final sanding blended the new plaster into the old giving a high quality finish. The decoration is now ready to be fitted or used to create a mould.


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